The Importance of Ventilation

I was part of a roof inspection the other day and found that the cause of the issue was the lack of proper ventilation in the attic. We all know that wood will rot if it has too much moisture, and proper ventilation in the attic is designed to allow the humid air to escape and prevent mold and rot. Most attics have been designed with the ventilation, but unfortunately we can see the effectiveness diminish.

In the home we inspected there was black mold growing on the attic ceiling. No mold was present when the home was purchased a few years back, which is also about when the roof was replaced. It is common for the roof to be replaced prior to a sale, and we didn’t find any issues with it. However, another common practice when selling a home is to add insulation to the attic. Which is great if done properly, however if the ventilation is clogged by insulation or debris the moisture can collect and mold, fungus, and rot can develop quickly.

This can be very frustrating, especially for a newly purchased home. It can also be questionable as to whether it is covered by most home owner insurance policies. In addition, because it is something that was done just prior to a sale, without growth being present at the time, it is also something that may not be caught during a pre-purchase home inspection. A home inspector should be looking for ventilation and be aware of the effects of it being clogged. If your inspector skips the attic, be suspicious.

As for the roof inspection we did, an insurance claim was filed, but it is unknown if the policy covered it. If you have an attic, or adding insulation make sure the vents on top and bottom of the attic are clear and functioning. The results of not doing so can lead to a lot of unnecessary damage. Protect your investment and make sure it is ventilated properly.

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