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At Home Resource Solutions we get asked about things on homes and the home buying process all the time. As a result, we have created the Home Resource Inspection Blog, and the Home Resource Solutions podcast. These give some great information, answers questions we get during a home inspection and sets your mind at ease about your home. So please take a moment and review these that may answer your questions.

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  • The Importance of Ventilation
    I was part of a roof inspection the other day and found that the cause of the issue was the lack of proper ventilation in the attic. We all know … Read more
  • Let’s Look at Your Foundation
    A foundation may be the most important part of a home inspection, as it is what the entire home is built upon. So, it always baffles me when I hear … Read more
  • Not all Home Inspectors are the Same
    It may sound cliché, but its true. Not all home inspectors are the same. Most people understand that subconsciously, but when it comes to choose an inspector they often just … Read more
  • Fire Separation in Garages
    I have been seeing a rash of fire separation issues this week. So many times we cause safety issues in the name of convenience without even knowing what we have … Read more

Let's talk About Your Foundation Home Resource Solutions

A foundation may be the most important part of a home inspection, as it is what the entire home is built upon. So, it always baffles me when I hear of home inspectors who didn't enter the crawlspace or basement. There is so much going on down there that can affect the entire home. A foundation is an important part of the home and we should do all we can to protect it. If it needs some maintenance we should correct if before a major repair or replacement is necessary. Many times a simple fix or moisture control is all you need, but sometimes more is necessary. A foundation repair company can give you a free inspection, though they only benefit if they repair your home. Having an independent home inspector neutral in the results makes a lot of sense and is a small expense in comparison to even a minor foundation repair. Call Home Resource Solutions at (253) 271-0402 for a home inspection today and save on our premier inspection services or visit for more information.
  1. Let's talk About Your Foundation
  2. Not All Home Inspectors Are the Same
  3. Mold In our Homes
  4. Benefits of Getting a Sewer Scope
  5. New Homes can still have major defects

You may not be surprised how many questions come up from home owners about their homes. Most homeowners know very little about their homes or how the many systems work together. In addition, even those who have owned their home for decades will have questions. This is common and all homes are different. They have different construction, upkeep, experience weather, ect. Many things effect our homes and you shouldn’t expect to know everything that you will experience. A home inspectors job is to have fresh eyes to see the things that have occurred and how to correct them.

That is why it is recommended to have an inspection anytime you are buying, selling, or having maintenance done. As a result, our blog addresses many of the questions we have gotten over the years, share some of our seminars, and give some helpful tips. At Home Resource Solutions we are the premier inspection service throughout the Puget Sound, not just because we preform high quality Inspections, but we also provide high quality education to you, our clients, and neighbors.

Our objective is that our customers understand everything about their homes. Sometimes that is as simple as sharing a picture, or having a conversation. Occasionally, we need to conduct an inspection, either way we are always available to answer those questions. Therefore, we want you as a home owner to be comfortable and confident that you made a good investment decision without any lingering concerns. That is our mission and we look forward to serving you and your family.

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