Indoor Air Quality Inspection

What is an Indoor Air Quality Inspection

We spend a majority of our time indoors, it is therefore imperative that the indoor air quality be at its best. Many people today deal with health issues, but many don’t even consider the possibility that the air they breath in their home could very well be to blame. To resolve this indoor air quality problem, you first need to know what you are breathing so you can know how to correct it. That may sound difficult, but its actually as simple as having a sample of the air taken and sent to a lab for analysis. Coupled with a thorough home inspection, you can be confident that the quality of air you breath will be at its best for your guests, family, and pets.

Effects on Health Due to Indoor Air Quality

According to the EPA, i.e., Environmental Protection Agency, the outside pollutant levels are two to five times greater than inside the home. However, these pollutant levels are including airborne particles as well as other particulate matter such as gases, allergens, toxic chemicals, lung irritants, and Volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Every day, pollutants contaminate the air you breathe. 90% of the air your breath is indoor air, so it is obvious why indoor air quality is a major health concern. Typically, you inhale about a couple of tablespoons of airborne particles every day.

These pollutants tax your immune system and can lead to several health conditions. Every individual reacts differently to indoor air pollutants, some have more severe reactions than others. It is important to remember, that even healthy people can be negatively affected by poor air quality and addressing it always improves to a persons health. It is however, especially important to those with weakened immune systems, asthma, allergies, respiratory issues, senior citizens, or small children.

The goal of an indoor air quality inspection is to discover the pollutants, but also the source of the pollutants. These recommendations could include remove moisture source, remove mold, improve ventilation, remove smokers, an appliance leaking, install an air purifier, or clean an area or furnace. It is difficult to know for sure until an inspection is completed and sample is analyzed.

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