Infrared InspectionDuring an infrared inspection, we take thermal energy readings to formulate a thorough picture of systems in a home. This provides you a cost-effective way to detect issues. With an experienced inspector and infrared cameras, invisible problems are revealed.

Even the best inspectors are limited by what they can see with the naked eye. Unfortunately, sometimes what you can see is only the tip of the iceberg. However, with an infrared camera, we can see much more. As a result, deliver an even better home inspection experience. If we suspect an issue, we have the ability to use the IR camera on every inspection.

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Electric Panel InfraredAt Home Resource Solutions, we provide infrared inspection services to clients all across Puget Sound. We can identify inefficiencies, faults, defects and even predict breakdowns. We have technicians who are experienced in reporting problems that prevail in your building. Timely intervention can save you of inconvenience and costly repairs. If all your systems and equipment are running at optimal performance, there will be lower energy costs and lower replacement costs as well.

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Infrared Imaging Reveals a lot During Thorough Inspections

Infrared CertifiedInfrared imaging can reveal problems like leaky windows, moisture under roofs, missing insulation, leaking pipes, overheating systems, water damage, or energy loss. While a typical home inspection is a visual representation of the home, adding an IR inspection really brings to light hidden issues you wouldn’t normally see. Need more information on IR Inspections? See here.

We want to deliver the best inspection experience available at the best rates. One way we do that is by allowing you can save on your inspection costs by bundling your infrared inspection with other services. We have a number of packages available. Take a look at our bundles to see your options. So what are you waiting for? Give Home Resource Solutions a call for a quick and reliable infrared inspection.

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If you want to live in one of the claimed top coffee cities in the United States where strong cultural touchstones and communities are diverse and ever-thriving, and its overall vibe, Home Resource Solutions will be there to make your home buying decision a most confident one.
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