Pool & Spa InspectionHaving a pool or spa can give your home an added appeal; however, it must be properly maintained to ensure they don’t become headaches. A pool & spa inspection will assess the operation of the many components in the system and determine if there is a safety issue. This inspection is especially important if you have never owned a pool or spa before.

A new home with a great outdoor space and a big swimming pool to lounge in is fun and exciting. It is where you can provide entertainment and enjoy outdoor gatherings with family and friends, especially during the hot months.

But, there’s more to owning a pool than meets the eye. It’s not just a deep part of the ground with water in it. Beyond the cool waters and a solid and leak-free deck are pumps, heaters, and filters that need to be functioning properly. 

On top of the maintenance which can be time-consuming and quite expensive, there are potential safety hazards you need to be on the lookout for. Safety is a top priority. That’s why fencing and barriers are very important and should not be taken lightly. Apart from that, swimming pools can pose a variety of dangers – not just drowning. Electrical malfunction, entrapment hazards, slippery sidewalks and ladders, broken decks and tiles, and many other issues can cause fatal or non-fatal injuries.

Why are a Pool and Spa Inspection necessary?

Believe it or not, pools are all fun and games until certain issues come to the surface. A thorough pool inspection by a licensed professional offers buyers and homeowners a comprehensive knowledge of several key issues commonly found in residential pools – ranging from the elevation of the pool deck to the working condition of the pool pump.

There’s nothing wrong with inspecting the pool and spa yourself. However, even though the water feature looks perfect and everything seems to be in good working condition, a full pool and spa inspection are still necessary to ensure that no dirty little secrets lurk beneath the surface.

Without a pool and spa inspection, it’s pretty easy to overlook common regulations such as locks on windows with access to the pool. As a result, backyard swimming pools have made a tragic reputation of putting children’s lives at stake. 

Home Resource Solutions offers Pool and Spa Inspection to ensure there are no compromises to pool safety. 

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