Radon Inspection

Did you know that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking? If you are buying a home or selling your home, its a good idea to have it tested for radon. A radon inspection is simple. First a qualified radon inspector will place equipment at proper locations to measure the gas in the air. Once testing is complete these results will be sent to a lab for analysis. The inspector will verify the test and recommend any actions for you to mitigate the Radon gases.

You can’t know how much your family is at risk unless you test for it.

Test for Radon Gas in Seattle, WA

Through the radon inspection, we determine your family’s exposure to radon gas.

Through the radon inspection, we determine if the exposure to radon gas exceeds the levels set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which is 4 pCi/L. At or above this level, the EPA recommends you take corrective measures to reduce your exposure to radon gas. You can also seek information from the seller if the radon-resistant features were used during construction if you are buying a newly constructed home.

Once you know the radon gas levels you will know the safety of your home. If levels are high, mitigation is fairly inexpensive. So you shouldn’t be afraid of Radon gas if levels are high. You just need to be aware and correct it. Its the unaddressed radon that is dangerous. The first step to addressing this silent killer is to know if it is there. That is why a Radon Inspection is so important.

People tend to ignore what they can’t see, feel, or smell. That is possibly why radon gas is such a killer. It is easy to ignore, but having a radon inspection will ensure your family’s safety. Which is always our #1 Priority. Call us today with and questions or schedule your inspection today. (253) 271-0402

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