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Sewer Scope Inspection Seattle, WA

Sewer Scope Inspection brings to life the unseen and potentially saves you thousands of dollars! knowing the condition your sewer line in always important. However, if you are buying or selling your home, having it scoped before the transaction is a great time to do it.

We have the right knowledge, experience and technology to carefully assess the condition of the sewer pipe, and highlight any defects or damage.

Need a thorough Sewer scope clogged Line

Why Get A Sewer Scope?

You don’t see it, but changes are continually happening below the surface. Sewer pipes deteriorate and are under constant attack from debris, water, trees, and surface pressure. Eventually, they WILL give way. Regardless of the age of the home, damage can occur, and it should be evaluated.

Drainage issues can cause sewage to back up into the home leading to imminent costly repairs, if not addressed. A sewer scope inspection in Seattle, WA, can tell you the sewage system’s condition and protect you from expensive repairs that can run $2,500 to $25,000 or more!

Homeowners are responsible for the sewer lines that run from their homes to the street. Knowing the condition of the sewer lines can be a helpful tool when negotiating the purchase of your home. A sewer system simply must be working.

A Sewer Scope helps negotiate repairs for your transaction and are also beneficial to the contractors performing repairs.

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The Sewer Inspection Process:

  1. The inspector will place a fiber optic camera into the sewer line.
  2. He will then evaluate the condition of the pipe, and note any deficiencies including blockages, cracks, slope, or deterioration.
  3. After the inspection, a report is given to you. This report includes pictures or video that you can use to determine the condition of the line.

So, wait no further! Call us TODAY for a sewer scope inspection in Seattle, WA.

How often do sewer lines fail?

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