Prelisting Inspection Benefits – Sellers Don’t Even Know They Exist

Prelisting inspections can save home sellers a lot of money. Many aren’t aware that prelisting inspections even exist, even fewer understand their benefits. Not only do they benefit the seller, but also the buyer and the real estate agents as well. A prelisting inspection gives the seller information on what is wrong with a home early in the sales process. This gives them a head start on the issues that a decent home inspector would find. 

This can streamline the selling process by correcting the issues before buyer inspection occurs. In addition, when the seller finds the issues, they get to choose how to address them. Often a quick repair is all that is needed. When a buyers home inspector finds something, the buyer can actually request you fix or replace an entire system. As a seller you choose the extent of the repair and can save you a boat load of money.

“You are not at the mercy of surprises from a buyer inspection.” 

Another benefit is that you are not at the mercy of surprises from a buyer inspection. Let’s face it, buying or selling a home always comes with some growing pains. There always is something that complicates the sale. That is expected, but finding out things about the house at the end of the process can cause a big expense for the seller, may cause the buyer to back out, or ask for a deep discount.

At the cost of houses these days, buyers are always looking for ways to get discounts. Once you reach that point in the sale your options are limited. Allowing their inspector to find those issues is only giving them a coupon. So a seller inspection allows you to handle the issues the way you want, the cheapest way, and prevents the buyer from asking for more money off the home.

“It can provide the buyer the option to forgo an inspection without any concerns.

One Benefit a prelisting inspection gives that many don’t consider is that it can provide the buyer the option to forgo an inspection without any concerns. A certified prelisting inspection report can be viewed online. You can show you have addressed any issues that were found during the inspection in advance. This gives the buyer peace of mind, save them money by waiving a home inspection, and streamline the entire sales process.

Prelisting Inspection

Agents love anything that can save time and money, and a Prelisting inspection does just that. Being able to use the seller inspection report, give them the ability to streamline the sale, speed up the move-in process, get everyone where they want to be quicker. An agent wants their clients to be protected, that is why they ask for an inspection in the first place. Not to mention that it is smart for all parties. So getting a home inspection is possibly one of the most important parts of the sales process.

Having a prelisting inspection puts a lot of power in the sellers hand

So a few quick tips before you choose an inspector. Make sure they offer a pre-listing seller inspection. Home Resource Solutions offers a Move-in Ready Certified prelisting inspection that gives the buyer, seller, and agents peace of mind. In addition, we also make the report available for prospective buyers online. Having this tool puts a lot of power in the sellers hand and shows they have taken the initiative to have a certified inspection making it much easier for the buyer to forgo an inspection. The second thing is, make sure the inspector has good reviews, a proven track record for quality, and experience to match.

Regardless of whether the buyer or the seller has the inspection done, the important thing is that an inspection is completed. It protects all parties, and brings to light issues that need to be addressed. A prelisting inspection can save you a lot of money and heartache. When selling your home that is the last thing you want. Learn more at Pre-Listing Inspection

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By: Daniel Arnett, CMI/IAC2
Home Resource Solutions

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